We encounter many investors who are unaware that by investing in stocks and bonds they give up important constitutional rights. For example, they sacrifice their right to a jury trial if a broker negligently handles their account or steals from it or fails to follow the investor’s instructions. Every stockbroker in the United States compels […]

An Investor’s Story–The Making of a Winning Claim

Investors’ claims against a broker-dealer must be arbitrated. There is no right for an investor to make his or her claim in a court. So, there is no point in rehashing what we last said in this space. For the present, that is the law of the land. Thus, when an investor’s arbitration claim is […]

Buying Securities On Margin—Hold Onto Your Watch and Wallet

Smooth talking brokers will tell you that when buying on margin, an investor is using his broker’s money. That’s nonsense. The margin buyer is borrowing his own money and, adding insult to injury, paying interest and commissions to his or her broker for the privilege. The broker makes money, no matter what. The investor is […]

Justice For Older Investors

The 2010 Elder Justice Act (EJA) is part of the Health Protection and Affordable Care Act. Everyone knows that there has been a lot of public discussion and legal controversy over parts of the health care law. However, none of it has involved EJA, a successor to the Older Americans Act. The purpose of EJA […]

Selecting Your Broker, The Essentials

If all you want from a broker is the ability to buy or sell a security on one of the national markets, the Yellow Pages my serve your purpose.  If you plan to entrust a broker with more than that, say your life savings, there are a few preliminary but essential steps you must take […]

Only Unwary Investors Delay Bad Conduct Broker Claims

Statutes of limitations are sometimes a little loosely called statutes of repose. In plain English, any claim not filed by a certain date is dead on arrival at the courthouse. But, that’s the only easy part. More challenging is determining when the time for filing a claim starts to run. Or whether after it has […]