Every business would do well to ask and examine its in-house familiarity and in-depth knowledge of important legal matters. Most business people are knowledgeable about their own business but are usually disadvantaged when confronted with a trained adversary attorney. Early mistakes can be expensive and time consuming. An honest appraisal from a legal professional helps avoid missteps while an experienced attorney can anticipate and solve problems before they happen. The Tobin Law Offices, LLC does that as a routine matter with your full input and cooperation.

Potential Liability Lurks Everywhere

Statutes such as Sarbanes Oxley, the Sherman Act, the Internal Revenue Code, the Lanham Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act, not to mention state and local laws, add layers of complexity to conducting business in the 21st century. Whatever the remedial or other purposes of those Acts and others, they are fraught with punitive consequences for every misstep, no matter how unwitting.

Every vendor and business has a right to fair and honest behavior from its business partners as well as the right to enforce fair dealing. Tobin Law partners with you to stand up for those rights. We offer superior advice and employ a variety of fee arrangements to enable start up and mid-sized businesses to grow in our complicated legal maze. Contact us to discuss legal counsel for your growing business.