Stock Broker Bad Conduct

The Tobin Law Offices, LLC has years of experience in laws governing the securities sales industry. It is devoted to helping investors recover losses resulting from the wrongdoing of stock brokers and their firms. Stock broker fraud occurs in a variety of ways, including encouraging excessive use of margin and fixing accounts to receive greater broker commissions at the expense of the investor. The Tobin Law Offices, LLC attacks stock broker misconduct in most jurisdictions.

Stockbroker fraud victims experience a variety of investment wrongdoing, including theft, deceit, unauthorized transactions, and unsuitable investments. By federal law, to recover investment losses from bad conduct, a securities investor must file a FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Agency) claim for recovery. An experienced FINRA attorney is the difference between winning and losing against stock broker cheats.

Deception of Seniors

Tobin Law gives laser focus to the deception of seniors because they are the most vulnerable to the broker. Often, they sign up for what appears to be a great deal, but in reality, they become victims of negligent or fraudulent conduct by securities broker-dealers. This office stands ready to help those who have been harmed by investment brokers. We are experienced at stopping the deception of seniors. We are skilled in cost-efficient negotiations that can sometimes mean a pre-trial or arbitration settlement.

Our goal is to help investors who have lost their savings to stock broker fraud or negligence. Most people are trusting and easily miss the early signs of broker wrongdoing. As the harm increases, only professional help can reverse it.

We represent buyers as well as sellers and stand with securities investors victimized by fraud, negligence and other bad conduct by brokers. Older investors are the special targets of unscrupulous “financial advisors” and registered securities sales people. If you believe you have been the victim of stock broker bad conduct or other investment fraud, contact us for a free consultation to review your matter and assess the merits of your claim.

Other Practice Areas

The Tobin Law Offices, LLC has valuable experience in the trial of adult guardianship cases, especially in cases of alleged mental incapacity. The firm has similar experience in the trial of cases arising from claims of abuse in child rearing.

We welcome the opportunity to be of assistance in those very serious and trying circumstances.